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From crazy chemists to engaged learners through education

Editor’s note: We published a series of ‘beyond the bench’ Commentary articles in our September 2011 issue to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry. These are free just for the rest of September, so get them while you can! We recently received some correspondence from John Spevacek on the chemistry education article written by David Smith from York – and so we are publishing it here, with a reply from Smith. We encourage you to add your own thoughts in the comments section here on the blog.  Read more

Winter School anyone?

The European Winter School on Physical Organic Chemistry will take place in Bressanone early next year, straddling the end of January and the beginning of February. Why am I telling you this? Well, although the main focus of the winter school is going to be catalysis, the organizers have kindly invited me to give a talk about scientific publishing.  Read more

Marie mosaic

Marie mosaic

If you haven’t noticed yet, our September issue is a little bit different to all the other issues we’ve published so far. It contains what we call an ‘Insight’, which in this case is a collection of Commentary articles that look at broader issues in chemistry beyond the science itself. We’re doing this to mark the International Year of Chemistry – which happens to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Marie Curie being awarded the second of her Nobel Prizes (the chemistry one).  Read more

Nature Chemistry Impact Factor

For those of you who care about such things, Nature Chemistry now has an Impact Factor (IF). It is 17.9 (or, if you really want us to quote it to three decimal places, it’s 17.927). We realise that the IF is far from a perfect metric; really, we do. And we also appreciate that there are a range of opinions out there amongst our audience on the matter — some of you love the IF, some of you hate it. For those of you who aren’t about to click away in a rage or aren’t sick of IFs, I’m going to drill a little more deeply into our number and what it might mean, if anything.  Read more

Elemental examples

You might have heard by now that we are running an essay competition (I promise we won’t keep banging on about it quite so much for a little while) – unless you happen to be at the upcoming ACS meeting in Anaheim… if you swing by booth 1020 at the expo, you might hear a little more about it!  Read more

Bells and whistles

Those of you who read the html versions of our pages may have noticed some enhanced features related to the chemical structures. For example, if you mouse-over a bold compound number in an article, a pop-up box showing the structure of the compound will appear. If you click on the bold compound number, you will be whisked away to a compound information page that gives you even more data about the compound – as well as an interactive 3D structure.  Read more


I just wanted to plug a couple of editorials that have appeared recently in other Nature-branded journals, and see if the chemistry community has any feedback they wanted to share here on the blog – or, indeed, by contacting the journals in question. Before you click the full-text links below, both of the editorials are free to access if you are registered on (this process is free) or, of course, a subscriber. (As far as I am aware, editorials in all the Nature physical sciences titles – including Nature Chemistry – are free to registrants).  Read more