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CIRM signs agreement to collaborate with Germany on stem cell research

The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine has collected a sixth country for its international collaborations. German and Californian scientists will be able to submit joint grants for collaborative projects that focus on immunology. Researchers would, however, be funded by their respective governments.  Read more

CIRM training grants approved, but awards uncertain in financial climate

The governing board for the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine announced that it had decided to award $58 million to 26 grants for training stem-cell scientists and lab technicians. Delivery of these funds will have to wait, however, because California is unable to sell bonds on the public market. CIRM board members are even discussing raising funds through the private bond market. (See the press release as well as the story from the San Diego Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle )  … Read more

California spending

It’s now official that the head of California’s stem cell institute will receive a salary of $150,000 for what’s considered a part-time job. Another post could garner $300,000; the state’s budget deficit has led the California governor to dismay at approving any government salaries not essential to the institute’s mission. (See Nature’s news story available for subscribers, plus previous blog posts.  Read more