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Exchange Protocols: What are they and how are they made?

What are the characteristics of an Exchange Protocol?

I have created a short screencast highlighting some essential features:

- each Exchange Protocol is associated with a Lab Group

- each has a DOI

- the Procedure is a series of numbered steps in the active tense

- you can add a query for the author, or other comment

- you can add the protocol to a list of favourites

You can browse for other Exchange Protocols by clicking here.

How do you create an Exchange Protocol

The first time you come to share a protocol, this will be a two stage process, both of which are very easy to do.

Stage 1 is “Creating a labgroup”, and Stage 2 is “Creating the protocol”.

I have made two screen casts that show how these steps are achieved.

How to create a lab group starting from

How to create the protocol starting from


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