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Editors’ Conference Agenda – 2011

Here is a preliminary list of conferences that the Molecular Systems Biology editors will be attending in 2011. We are looking forward seeing a lot of the Alps this year, with meetings in Innsbruck, Geneva, and Vienna. And, of course, we also looking forward to meeting Molecular Systems Biology’s readers and authors; if you are attending one of these conferences or workshops, we would be quite happy to chat with you and learn about your research.

Naturally, this schedule is subject to change, and we recognize that there are many excellent conferences that we will not be able to attend this year due to scheduling limitations.

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Who FEBSX-SysBio2011 Innsbruck Feb. 26-Mar. 3 ALH CSHL Systems Biology: Networks Cold Spring Harbor Mar. 22-26 TL International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease Boston June 22-24 TL ISMB/ECCB Vienna July 17-19 ALH Gordon Conference – Cellular Systems Biology Davidson July 24-29 TL The Fifth q-bio Conference on Cellular Information Processing Santa Fe Aug. 10-13 ALH 12th International Conference on Systems Biology Heidelberg/Mannheim Aug. 28-Sept. 1 TL HUPO 2011 Geneva Sept. 4-7 ALH The EMBO Meeting Vienna Sept. 10-13 TL EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Structure and Dynamics of Protein Networks Heidelberg Oct. 13-16 TL & ALH

TL: Thomas Lemberger, ALH: Andrew L. Hufton


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