Of Schemes and Memes

Advent Calendar #yuletubecalendar

Today is December 1st and that can only mean one thing; it’s time to open the first window of your advent calendar!

In the past on Nature Network we have celebrated Christmas with Lou’s festive poem and Viktor Poor’s themed cartoon. This year, we’ve created a YuleTube Advent Calendar!

Unfortunately, behind each window you won’t find chocolate…You will, however, find a music video and written clue to help you identify a key science news story from 2011. Let us know in the comments here each day what you think the answer is, or discuss it on Twitter using the #yuletubecalendar hashtag

Don’t forget to check back each day for a new clue!

If you’d like to make your own calendar to share, you can follow our simple instructions… We’d love to see how creative you can be and may also feature the best calendars here on the blog, so do tweet about it with the #yuletubecalendar hashtag or leave us a comment!


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