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Scientific events calendars from around the world

There’s always an interesting science event taking place, or so it seems, and as more and more events are now being live-streamed or live-tweeted, you can often also follow events in places where you don’t live.

To help with diary planning, we’ve created Google Calendars for some of the major science cities; London and Cambridge in the UK and NYC, Boston and San Francisco in the US.

Below you can find links to all of the Google Calendars we have put together:

London Science Events

Cambridge Science Events

DC Science Events

NYC Sci Comm events

Boston Science Events

San Francisco Science Events

We try to feature all the scientific events we know of in these areas including lectures, meet-ups (including #scitweetups), exhibition openings, quizzes and the events that we’re involved with organising such as the monthly Science Online NYC (#sonyc) discussion series. Please do let us know if you can see any important omissions.

We’re also happy to add anyone as a calendar admin so that you can update it with your own science events, just get in touch.

These calendars are all works in progress – more events will be added regularly and all feedback is very welcome.

Our Google Calendars


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