Of Schemes and Memes

Happy Holidays!

Thanks again to everyone who’s blogged on Nature Network, left a comment, contributed to a group or forum, or just simply enjoyed reading the site. We’ve had a marvellous year, as the previous ‘best of’ posts on this blog attest. Although it may sound like cliché, 2010 really will be an exciting time for the Network. We’re very much looking forward to announcing a few improvements when everyone’s back.

One thing we’re definitely clamping down on is spam posters. As site admins, we have a daily battle on our hands (and many thanks to everyone who reports inappropriate posts – it does help). But as it’s the season of goodwill, Lou’s composed this little ode to the spammers’ ceaseless and malign cause, which we can all sing along to:

Hark! the Christmas spammers bring,

More dodgy comments for del-e-ting

No peace online or content mild

Just porno sites of beast and child

Joyful all ye admins rise

Leave your laptops, eat mince pies!

As the heavenly host servers inform…

There’ll still be spammers in the morn

Whether your seasonal break entails spam, or turkey, or goose, or a vegetarian nut roast, have a good one!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 from all the Nature Network Team.


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    Stephen Curry said:

    Thanks for all your hard work and best wishes for 2010!

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    Cath Ennis said:

    Happy Christmas to all! Looking forward to 2010!

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    Maxine Clarke said:

    Happy Christmas to you all – and I concur that 2010 is going to be a great one for Nature Network!

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    Bob O'Hara said:

    Merry Christmas, folks, and thanks for all your work in 2009!

    We’re having duck this year – don’t worry, I’ll make sure the Beast gets some.

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    Matt Brown said:

    My wife’s a veggie. Each year, as a special treat, I try to incorporate as many vegetables as possible in our Christmas dinner. Last year, I managed 31 (including herbs). Aiming for 35 tomorrow. I’ll try and remember to get a photo.

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    Lou Woodley said:

    35?!! Wow. I had enough trouble just trying to locate Brussels sprouts as everywhere had sold out! Post a list please, not just a photo :-)

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    Alejandro Correa said:

    After receiving bad news, of a one friend biologist who studies lichens in Puerto Williams, told me he has extinguished the Scytalopus magellanicus of the Navarino island, however this specie of Tapaculos even live in the extern islands off the Darwin Range.

    My short story The Beast be come true, but the predator is a mammal introduced Mustela Vison

    I’ll have to be formed an expedition to monitoring this small Tapaculo.

    Happy Christmas and happy new year!,folks.

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    Viktor Poór said:

    Merry Christmas for all! And huge thank you to the NN team for running this amazing place!

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    Eva Amsen said:

    Haha, I just saw this post (slow post-Christmas catch-up attempt) and the song is hilarious. I sung it quietly in my head, though, to not disturb/confuse my house guests.

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    Eva Amsen said:

    Haha, I just saw this post (slow post-Christmas catch-up attempt) and the song is hilarious. I sung it quietly in my head, though, to not disturb/confuse my house guests.

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    Ken Doyle said:

    I saw this kinda late, too, so…hope everyone had a great Christmas, and best wishes for 2010.

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    Jennifer Rohn said:

    I’m so fashionably late I can now say early, and with a clear conscience, Happy New Year to all!

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    Ken Doyle said:

    I’m afraid I have to echo Henry’s comments, now. Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our dog after 13 years. He’d spent the last year and a half battling cancer, and it won in the end. Not a good day.

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    Austin Elliott said:

    Talking of Humbug, my Univ has recently set up a “University of Manchester Bicycle User’s Group”, or “UMBUG” for short (really).

    I was wondering whether I should start a group for occasional cyclists (i.e. those who cycle only on nice days) called the:

    “Half-hearted Univ of M’cr Bicycle Users Group”

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    Heather Etchevers said:

    Ken – if you see this, much sympathy your way. It’s hard to lose an old friend.

    May 2010 be a very good one for all of you, including Ken, once the pain has subsided.

    Thanks to the NN team for throwing some animation into the bloggers’ medley here.

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    Ken Doyle said:

    Thanks, Heather. I’m hoping 2010 will start out better.

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    Richard Wintle said:

    Sorry to hear, Ken. We’ve had to put down two ancient but much-beloved birds in recent years… the older of the two being about the same age as your dog.

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    Richard Wintle said:

    Excuse me Alejandro, but does this bus go to the hamburger stand?