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IDRC-Nature science journalism fellowship

Canada’s International Development Research Centre is offering a six-month, full-time, fully-funded science journalism fellowship to an English-speaking Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The successful applicant will be at an early stage of his or her career, but with at least three years experience as a journalist. He or she will receive training in the London office of the leading international science journal Nature and then spend between two and four months reporting science stories from developing countries.

Nature Podcast

Nature Podcast

natpod.GIFThis week, we put brain training to the test, learn how the Red Sea could help refill the Dead Sea, hear how a look into an exoplanet’s atmosphere has revealed unexpected results, and learn why loopholes in the Copenhagen Accord could mean we overshoot our targets on global warming. Plus, a round-up of what’s hot elsewhere in Nature.

Nature Video – Brain training: does it work?

Brain-training computer games are a multimillion pound industry. But this week, a study published in Nature suggests they may not live up to their promise. Neuroscientist Adrian Owen teamed up with the BBC popular science programme ‘Bang Goes The Theory to recruit more than 11,000 volunteers for a massive online experiment. The results demolish the widely held belief that the regular use of brain-training games improves general cognitive function. To read the story in full, go to: No gain from brain training.