What’s on blogs: June 09

Here’s a summmary of some posts from staff blogs over the past month or so that might be of interest to scientists as authors, communicators and peer reviewers:

In the Field: Reports from the World Science Festival in New York.

The Great Beyond: Scientists strike back at pseudoscience.

Sceptical Chymist: Q/As with Aaron Wright and with Ian Fleming.

Methagora: Nature Methods top downloads for May.

The Great Beyond: New element needs a name.

Indigenus: Western concerns about climate don’t help vulnerable populations.

Sceptical Chymist: end of the cookbook laboratory.

Nascent: Welcome to the streamosphere. And here is a Streamosphere update (7 July).

Methagora: Cover error?

The Niche: Stem cell trial to go ahead in India.

In the Field: Following the Apollo 11 moon landing in real-time – 40 years on, and reporting on the World Conference of Science Journalists.

The Niche: Chief scientific officer leaves regenerative medicine intsitute.

Climate Feedback: Reporting the 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting.

Sceptical Chymist: Blogging and Twittering from the 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting.

Nascent: “I am not a scientist, I am a number”.

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