What’s on blogs: May 09

Here’s a summmary of some posts from staff blogs over the past month or so that might be of interest to scientists as authors, communicators and peer reviewers:

Methagora : Nature Methods announces online methods, in which the journal joins Nature in offering authors much longer methods sections which appear online but are formatted and integrated into the main paper’s online PDF.

Indigenus: Celebrating publication of a new book of biographical sketches of 98 Indian women scientists.

Spoonful of Medicine: On the annoyance to authors of having to fill out forms

The Great Beyond: Was marketing material published in the guise of peer-reviewed literature? An update is here, on the same blog, providing the publisher’s response.

Free Association: An archive of Nature Genetics Editorials published between 2004 and 2006.

Nascent: Improvements to the machine-readable interface on For a less technical report, Nascent also provides a link to Nature Network blogger Martin Fenner’s interview with Tony Hammond of NPG.

The Great Beyond: Conflicts of interest are not being declared in some cancer research studies.

Sceptical Chymist: Q/As with Eugenio Conorado and Erin Carlson.

Peer to Peer: Websites encourage direct public funding for research proposals.

The Great Beyond: Historic lectures by Nobel laureates.

Climate Feedback: Biased media reporting of climate change conference.

Sceptical Chymist: What’s in the second issue of Nature Chemistry.

The Great Beyond: Science writer sued for libel. A related Nautilus post provides a link to an online petition at the Sense About Science website .

Nascent: Wolfram Alpha has potential but I can’t see scientists using it yet, writes Euan Adie.

Spoonful of Medicine: Good writing makes a boring healthcare topic come alive

The Great Beyond: The first science experiment on Twitter.

Methagora: Problems of reproducibility in proteomics experiments.

Nascent: Which web 2.0 services do scientists use?

The Niche: Round-up of stem cell articles in NPG journals this month.

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