What’s on blogs: March 09

Here’s a summmary of posts from staff blogs over the past month or so that might be of interest to scientists as authors, communicators and peer reviewers:

The Great Beyond: journals should routinely check for plagiarism.

The Sceptical Chymist: why Xueming Yang became a chemist.

Nascent : how to organise an unconference.

The Great Beyond: temper tantrum by a medical journal.

Methagora: Nature Methods’ most downloaded papers for February.

In the Field: A set of reports from the American Physical Society meeting.

The Seven Stones: Reason and the Internet.

The Great Beyond: tough times for medical charity research funders.

Indigenus: seeking readers’ suggestions for Nature India.

Nascent : Walls come tumbling down.

The Sceptical Chymist: how science is “communicated” to the media.

The Great Beyond: How many scientists are affected by research council’s controversial new funding policy?

Methagora: call for entries to photomicrography competition is an index and tracking website for all scientific blogs including, but not limited to, Nature Publishing Group staff blogs.

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