What’s on blogs: Feb 09

Here’s a summmary of posts from staff blogs over the past month or so that might be of interest to scientists as authors, communicators and peer reviewers:

The Great Beyond: thirteenth entry in the Nature News blog’s series of songs about science.

Sceptical Chymist: why Lynn Loo became a chemist; and Nicholas Long receives the same treatment.

Spoonful of Medicine: economic packages to stimulate scientific research.

Nascent: a project to analyse how many, and what kind of, comments are made online to the scientific papers published in the journal PLOS One. Call for crowdsourcing help; enticing prizes for participants; results and analysis.

The Great Beyond: Galaxy Zoo 2 launches.

Spoonful of Medicine: we want your paper!

In The Field: reports from the AAAS meeting by Nature’s editors and journalists.

Sceptical Chymist: how universities can exploit their research.

Climate Feedback: call for citizen climate scientists.

The Great Beyond: Lego authorship (videos).

Methagora: scientists need to communicate more with the public.

Sceptical Chymist: thoughts on careers in chemistry arising from Univeristy Challenge disqualification.

Indigenus: Bloggers beware, in the light of a recent Indian court case.

Spoonful of Medicine: unravelling researchers’ financial ties. is an index and tracking website for all scientific blogs including, but not limited to, Nature Publishing Group staff blogs

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