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WikiProteins – are a million minds listening?

A couple of days ago Barend Mons and colleagues published an article in Genome Biology about WikiProteins – a new way of asking a “million minds to annotate a million [biomedical] concepts”. On the face of it, it seems like an fine idea: combine text mining and other database trawling (Medline, GO, UniProt and others), distill some concept maps from that (Knowlets, they call them) and invite scientists to chip in via a wiki.  Read more

Brain-enhancing drugs

There’s a great discussion going on at Nature Network about the opportunities and risks of brain-enhancing drugs. And Nick Bostrom from the University of Oxford has a great “PODium” opinion piece in the latest Nature Podcast (audio|transcript). Do listen to the whole show, but if you’re in a hurry to hear Nick’s bit then skip to 19’30”.  Read more

A History of Nature

In a wonderful marriage of antiquity and technology, Nature has just released a special website about its history. Browse the timeline and watch the videos, then nominate and vote for your favourite Nature papers. (Mine are here and here, but I urge you to vote for this one.  Read more

DataNet, a call for proposals.

Peter Brantley wrote to us to let us know that the National Sciecne Foundation office of Cyberinfrastructure has just released a call for proposals for the creation of A Sustainable Digital Data Preservation and Access Network (DataNet). This is a 100 million dollar round of funding to be distributed to five groups over five years, with a possible extension to the funding following on from that. You can view the proposal here. Peter has created a DataNet group on Nature Network to “to share interests, proffered expertise, desires to collaborate, and solicit Q&A regarding the recent NSF solicitation.”  … Read more