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Proteomics data deposition to public repositories

Starting in March, Nature Methods strongly recommends deposition of proteomics data to public repositories before manuscript submission. An Editorial in the March issue describes the motivation of this decision and comments on the public repositories that are now available to proteomics researchers.  Read more

Receptor dimerization revisited

Last December we published an Article by Simon Davis and colleagues challenging the conventional methodology being used in BRET studies that detect dimerization of G protein coupled receptors. The conclusions were contested in a Correspondence by Michel Bouvier and colleagues. In a new Correspondence, a former member of the Bouvier lab further argues against the results and conclusions of the Davis study with experimental results using the ‘Type 2’ BRET assay of Davis and colleagues.  Read more

Searching high and low for protein-protein interactions

If you were given a choice between a large protein-protein interaction data set obtained by high-throughput experiments and another data set extracted from a collection of small-scale experiments via literature mining, which one would you trust more?  Read more

Assessing receptor dimerization by BRET

GPCRs are thought by many people to organize themselves as dimers. Using a new quantitative framework for BRET experiments, Simon Davis and colleagues present evidence that the signals arising from BRET measurements, and interpreted as evidence of dimerization, are the result of random interactions and not evidence of stable complexes.