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Science Events In London This Week: 5 – 11 December


December’s FictionLab book club at the RI tonight: Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. No need to book, just read it and turn up. 7pm; free.


The Chemistry Centre hosts the launch of a new interactive Periodic Table tonight, with a host of guests including the artist. 6:30 – 8:30pm; book now.


‘Introduction to Science Policy’ is a two day workshop hosted by Newton’s Heirs at the House of Commons this afternoon, promising to look at how regulatory and policy process work and how your research can be used to influence policy. 4-6pm; booking essential.


Well known popular science authors Peter Ward and Don Brownlee come together at UCL tonight to discuss the topic of their 2000 book, “Is Life Rare?”. Their argument centres around the idea that complex life in the universe is rare because habitable planets themselves are rare. 5:30 – 8; free but book.


A weekly one now we’re into winter: evening sky observing at the Hampstead Observatory. 8-10pm on clear Friday and Saturday nights from September through to April. All welcome and no need to book.


One for the whole family at the Wellcome Collection with Professor Kneebone’s Pop-up Anatomy Lesson. Despite the unlikely name, Professor Roger Kneebone is real, and Professor of Surgical Education at Imperial, where he leads a multidisciplinary team working on hybrid simulation, aligning inanimate simulators with real people to create realistic yet safe clinical encounters. The day’s activities will feature a portable operating theatre. From 10am, free, no need to book.


Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw bring their new book The Quantum Universe to the Southbank Centre this evening in a live event attempting to explain the workings of nature through the complexities of quantum physics. 7:45; book now.

You can follow the Nature Network London Google calendar of events in London at Updated daily.