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Royal Institution Quiz: Picture Round

Little bit of fun for today courtesy of last night’s Royal Institution Science Quiz. It was a pretty fiendish effort (our score of 40.5/60 was comfortably inside the top half) and the picture round was one of the toughest. Thanks for these pictures go to co-quizmaster Matt Brown of, the best place for all things London.

The challenge: identify the famous scientist or inventor depicted here:







Answers in the comments!


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    Laura Wheeler said:

    I got 3 almost right away, 1, 4 and 6 took a while ….but i can’t get 2! How has everyone else got on?

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    Joanna Scott said:

    I would never have got number 5 in a million years if it wasn’t for an inspired teammate…

    Oddly 2 was the first one we got!

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    Joe Dunckley said:

    I gave up on 1.

    4 and 6 were easy, 5 made me giggle.

    2 was easy when I worked backwards from "which scientist always comes up in Royal Institution events?"

    Didn’t get 3 until I re-read the question and saw "inventor"…

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    Tom Webb said:

     OK, 1,2,3 and 6 no problem. Oh – just got 4 too! Stuck on 5 though…

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    Laura Wheeler said:

     Tom – question 5 is a bit of a plank! 

    I officially have them all now – when will we get the answers?? :)

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    Glenn Masson said:

    FINALLY got them all. Must have stared at 2 for 10 minutes.