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Of James Watson And Winston Churchill

A couple of unrelated alerts for you today, both concerning celebrated if controversial individuals.

Tomorrow night, there’s a chance to see James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, in conversation with Brenda Maddox. The event takes place at the Royal Institute of British Architects at 7pm and costs a bewildering £25. Last time Watson toured the UK, he was forced to cancel events after repeating his controversial views on race. The event is one of a series by Intelligence Squared, which also includes a discussion panel (on March 16) featuring every famous space person you might reasonably expect (Cox, Rees, Pillinger…).

Do you have a spare £5000 and a passion for Churchillian prose? An unpublished speech by Sir Winston Churchill is up for sale at Bonham’s auction house. The manuscript, typed out in 1959, includes a rousing call by the Prime Minister to embrace science: “We can catch at any rate promising glimpses of that better world of which mankind has long dreamed and for which it has long toiled when science can unlock for all the people a vast storehouse of richer living. That is the vision which must inspire us with hope and stimulate us to new endeavours.


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