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@ApolloPlus40 – Moon quarantine ends

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The Apollo 11 crew, along with 20 other NASA personnel quarantined with them at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory in Houston, completed their health quarantine on 10 August 1969. They emerged to cheers from 300 NASA employees and the embraces of their families, who they had seen and spoken to through windows for the duration of the quarantine.

The Apollo 11 crew’s last day at home was 7 July 1969, in the run-up to the launch, and they would only enjoy a few hours back home before embarking on an international public relations tour to celebrate their mission’s success.


Photo: NASA

This blog post is part of the @ApolloPlus40 series, which accompanies the ApolloPlus40 Twitter project by Nature News, a re-telling of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, 40 years later.


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