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Geek Nation review

Geek Nation review

I am convinced that I catch the flu at the wrong times. I can recall half a dozen instances of missing stardom by a whisker because I had the lousy virus. One such instance was when British science journalist and now author of ‘Geek Nation’ Angela Saini came calling. I lost the chance of figuring in her wonderfully written book on the state of Indian geekiness, thanks to a bad bout of flu.  Read more

What else do you want?

Before we launched Nature India, we sought suggestions from our potential readers on what exactly they would like to read in a science portal dedicated to India. Suggestions came pouring. Throughout last year we have endeavoured to meet most expectations of our readers. We also got a lot of replies when we asked you which regions we should consider for our spotlight issues.  Read more

Bloggers beware

India’s Supreme Court has passed a verdict that could mean the end of mud-slinging and abusive posts in cyberspace. Bloggers can’t let their tongues wag anymore without thinking about the public correctness of their posts. In short, you can’t call anyone names uninhibitedly and get away with it.  Read more

Asia rising

The India-China scientific cooperation is riding a new high, or so it seems, if one were to solely consider the number of papers that scientists in the two countries write in collaboration. A new study by Subbiah Arunachalam and B. Viswanathan published in Current Science quotes the Science Citation Index to show that papers co-authored by Indian and Chinese scientists have gone up from 124 in 2000 to 361 in 2007.  Read more

Hyderabad blues

Nature India launched its regional coverage of Indian cities today with Hyderabad. This is the first in our series of regional spotlights where we plan to pick up a city or a cluster of cities from time to time and highlight its science and scientists. We will go across the country, choosing one city after the other, in our bid to dig out the best of research from laboratories, report trends in the research-driven industry and profile our unsung scientists. Do feel free to feedback on the coverage. Also, suggestions for our next stop are welcome. Tell us why you think we should come to your city and what we should cover there. Watch out as we travel the length and breadth of India in the pursuit of science!  Read more

Lots in a name

A very interesting correspondence in Nature last week has stirred me into thinking hard about the naming conventions in South India. While north Indians generally follow the western naming patterns with the surname in the end preceded by the name of the person (Jagdish Yadav or Hari Prasad Singh), south Indians don’t follow this pattern. They generally have no family name. Instead they have a given name preceded by the name of the family’s ancestral village or town and father’s name. These are abbreviated into initials (J P Ramanathan, the last being the person’s actual name and the initials his father’s given name and ancestral village name).  Read more