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Deadly bugs

Recovering slowly after a particularly stressful battle with dengue, I am told that I should be thankful I got the virus this year. Reason: the virus circulating this year in the national capital region of Delhi is far less virulent than its cousin from last year. “If you came with dengue last year, we would have had a tougher time managing it,” the attending doctor said by way of comforting my weak body and soul.  Read more

Brinjal, interrupted

Brinjal, interrupted

Fresh controversy surrounds India’s Bt Brinjal after six premier Indian science academies declared it safe and advocated its ‘limited release’ last week. Though they added a corollary that genetically modified crops pose a risk if the science behind them is flawed, that hasn’t done much to douse the rage of the anti-GM lobby in the country.  Read more

Super superbug

The week gone by was the week of the superbug — a bug that can resist the toughest of antibiotics and thus spells doom for healthcare givers. Though it has been lurking in Indian soils for a while, and was acutally named New Delhi metalloßlactamase 1 (NDM1) a couple of years back, the Lancet article on the superbug has created fresh ripples — with policy makers, governments, medical tourists and hospitals trying to balance theory and practice on fragile ground.  Read more

Heart bomb ticking

A new survey — the largest ever that has tried to know what kills Indians most — has pushed communicable diseases down in the list of biggest killers. It has been reported that heart ailments are actually accountable for maximum mortality in rural and urban India put together. Cardiac diseases have emerged as the number one killer.  Read more

Regulating clinical trials

Here’s the truth about clinical trial volunteers in India — the number of registered volunteers has seen a steady rise ever since the Clinical Trials Registry (CTRI) was set up at the National Institute of Medical Statistics of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in July 2007. Just to get a hang of how India has embraced clinical trials, despite the criticism of weak ‘evidence-based’ studies and lack of experienced clinical research professionals, the number of hits on the CTRI site crossed the 24,000 mark in April 2009 with more than 600 users registered.  Read more