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Brinjal, interrupted

Brinjal, interrupted

Fresh controversy surrounds India’s Bt Brinjal after six premier Indian science academies declared it safe and advocated its ‘limited release’ last week. Though they added a corollary that genetically modified crops pose a risk if the science behind them is flawed, that hasn’t done much to douse the rage of the anti-GM lobby in the country.  Read more

Transgenic cock-a-doodle

First we had the the transgenic mice made using a technique that eliminates the need for hundreds of mice eggs or sacrificing the rodents post-experiment. In short, a deathless technique. Scientists at the National Institute of Immunology at New Delhi made the transgenic animals inserting genes in the testicular germ cells (spermatogonia) of mice through a process called in vivo electroporation or passing mild current for a fraction of a second. The technique would help every biologist generate his own transgenic animals at low cost without the help of specialised labs.  Read more

Indian genome

The human genome sequence of an Indian has now been mapped, putting the country in the league of five others — United States, Britain, Canada, China and South Korea — who have demonstrated similar capabilities. This means the 3.1 billion base pairs describing every function of the body of an Indian are now available for further study and as an important diagnostic tool for predictive healthcare.  Read more