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Indus comes to India

Heavy flooding has apparently pushed Pakistan’s Indus river, bed of the great Indus valley civilisation, into Indian territory via the Rann of Kutch, according to new satellite data. Though the study is yet to be peer reviewed or published, Gujarat University researchers working on the water bodies of the west Indian state say they have found satellite data that shows the river has re-entered India and is feeding a lake near Ahmedabad.  Read more

Polluting radiation

This week, questions were raised on India’s national regulations on radioactive waste disposal after a scrap dealer and six of his employees in the national capital were hospitalised with severe Cobalt-60 poisoning. The Mayapuri area of west Delhi became a ticking time bomb of sorts with new cases of radioactive poisoning being reported every day. All 800 shops in the scrap market were scanned and 10 sources of radioactive Cobalt-60 were found.  Read more

Neighbours’ woes

A policy paper published today in Science predicts that neighbours China and India will play a dominant role in “shaping the environmental outcomes for our planet in the 21st century.” According to the authors — two from India — natural resource consumption in the two countries will be a major factor in deciding which way the environmental, social, and economic outcomes will swing in future. They propose that much more earnest cooperation between the world’s two most populous countries will be vital for mitigating biodiversity loss, global warming, and deforestation.  Read more

Small schools greener

Looks like the greenest schools are in India’s suburbs. An annual environmental audit of schools by New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) says ‘the real action is not happening in the ‘elite’, big-budget, up-market schools.’ Rather, semi-urban and mid-rung institutions in small cities such as Panipat (Haryana) and Jalgaon (Maharashtra) are leading the green brigade.  Read more

Melting glaciers

When will the Himalayan glaciers melt, is the question the IPCC has been losing sleep over. Frankly, the debate over the question has been bothering me no end, especially since the science providing the answer has been so divided. When it comes to climate change and melting glaciers, there are theories galore. So, I had chosen not to make a comment on the issue that has caught a lot of media attention in India and was churning up new dates to the melting theory everyday.  Read more