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Replacing HFCs

The focus in the climate change debate has now been shifted to the hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which were considered as alternatives to HCFCs (hydro chlorofluoro carbons) and other ozone depleting substances. The premise was that though HFCs have high global warming properties, they are not ozone depleting.  Read more

Neighbours’ woes

A policy paper published today in Science predicts that neighbours China and India will play a dominant role in “shaping the environmental outcomes for our planet in the 21st century.” According to the authors — two from India — natural resource consumption in the two countries will be a major factor in deciding which way the environmental, social, and economic outcomes will swing in future. They propose that much more earnest cooperation between the world’s two most populous countries will be vital for mitigating biodiversity loss, global warming, and deforestation.  Read more

Move over CFCs

Move over CFCs

A paper in Science that crowns ‘nitrous oxide’ as the king of ozone depleting substance (ODSs) caught my attention this week. A. R. Ravishankara and colleagues from the Earth System Research Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Colorado, USA, contend that N2O accounts for the the single most important ODS emission currently and would remain so throughout the 21st century. [Nature News story]  … Read more