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Paper run

Here’s another contentious story of an Indian research group feeling left out in the ‘paper run’. A group of researchers from IIT, Madras Chennai has claimed that they lost precious time while trying to get their paper published — it was rejected a couple of times by prestigious publications before another one accepted it. In the meantime, another group of ‘first world scientists’ got a similar paper published by the very same publishers who had rejected the IIT group.  Read more

The IIT debate

India’s controversy-courting environment minister Jairam Ramesh rubbed many the wrong way when he trashed the faculty of the country’s leading technology schools — the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) — for being sub-standard. His remark of last week has since been amended several times over, as is wont in a political circus, but the issue has led to some serious thinking on where the IITs are going — both quality wise and quantity wise.  Read more

Collaboration tips

What are the most common challenges that collaborators doing science in two different countries face? And what are the best practices to overcome such challenges? A joint study by the UK Science and Innovation Network, India’s department of science and technology and Research Councils UK identifies these challenges and offers some solutions in the context of such collaborations between India and the UK.  Read more