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After two years of immensely fruitful bonding with the Indian scientific community, the Nature India website has now been re-launched with some fresh value-added features. We are hoping the re-launch will take the site a tad closer to its eminent readers.

First up, the changes: a snazzy ticker now goes on and off on top of the site to keep you updated about the latest happenings in the world of Indian science. The ticker can be manually stopped and started. It will feature the five latest pieces uploaded on the website.

A new ‘special features’ section in the heart of the website brings you meeting reports, news from conferences, symposia and science workshops as also curtain raisers of important science events to come. This section in the middle of the website also links to spotlights and special coverage on India that appear in various Nature journals from time to time.

There’s a new advertising slot for institutions, companies and groups interested in presenting the preparations and outcomes of national and international conferences sponsored or hosted by them. The slot will help them reach their profile to the millions of readers of Nature India around the globe. This section is supported by and would help event organisers and employers benefit from Nature India’s competent editorial coverage for their conference. The advertising slot created by the side of the ‘special features’ section would directly point readers to jobs advertised by these featured employers on the global Naturejobs database.

Hope you enjoy the new features. We have woven these changes into the website based on our readers’ inputs. In our continued effort to bring the best of Indian science to your desktop, we will keep evolving with the times. We are always looking for suggestions to make Nature India bigger and better.


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    Aditya Mittal said:

    Hi Subhra, while I’m certainly a faithful reader, I’m not sure of being an “eminent” reader. In any case, the website’s new features are fantastic. I would like to congratulate you on pushing the limits towards newer horizons in online dissemination of science in our part of the world.

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    Subhra Priyadarshini said:

    Aditya, thanks for the encouragement.

    Eminence, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Your inputs are always welcome. For us everyone who comes up with encouragement and criticism is eminent.

    Thanks again.