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Hepatitis C workshop scholarships available to Arab young researchers

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Sphinx, a European Union-Mediterranean region scientific cooperation project to study Hepatitis C, is offering young researchers from Arab states scholarships to attend a workshop to learn from leading international researchers.

The Clinical Epidemiology and Biomarker Discovery Workshop will be held at Institut Pasteur, Tunis on 11 – 22 June 2012. It will include theoretical lectures as well as hands-on practical training from experts.

The full scholarships are available mainly to Mediterranean Partner Countries, which are mostly North African states. The organizers are urging young Arab scientists with a background in either epidemiology, immunology or virology to apply, since there will be a significant number of full bursaries available.

Hepatitis C is the largest healthcare burden in Egypt, with some estimates suggesting it infects some 500,000 new people annually.

The Sphinx consortium is linking up researchers in Europe, Egypt and Tunisia to study Hepatitis C virus (HCV) 4, which is the HCV strain persistent in Africa and one of the least studied strains, in order to improve treatments and come up with new therapies.

Young researchers interested in applying for the scholarship have until the end of the year to do this, by filling the workshop form at Sphinx’s website.


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