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Saudi Arabia recalls students from Yemen

Amid the ongoing unrest and violence in Yemen, Saudi Arabia announced it will recall all its students who are pursuing higher education in its troubled southern neighbour, Abdullah Al-Moussa, deputy minister of higher education for scholarship student affairs, told Saudi English-language newspaper ArabNews

The decision will affect 517 Saudi students who are in Yemen on government-funded scholarships. According to Al-Moussa, the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education has stopped the monthly stipends that students recieve and instructed them to seek universities in other countries to continue their research.

The decision follows the death of a 23-year-old Saudi student who was studying in the University of Science and Technology in Sana’a. The Saudi Arabian embassy in Sana’a confirmed that Muhammad Saleh bin Abdat Al-Kuthairi was shot dead, and investigations in the incidence are still ongoing.

Al-Moussa added that the government refused the decision of several students who wanted to go back to Yemen on their own responsibility.

According to Al-Moussa, there are more than 105,000 Saudi students studying abroad in some 500 universities and colleges either Arabian or Western, and that number will likely continue to increase.


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