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Google offers Egyptian technology entrepreneurs 1.2 million EGP

<img alt=“ebda2 with google.jpg” align=right src=“” width=“280” height=“175” />In an effort to spur a new age of entrepreneurs in Egypt following the 25 January revolution, Google launched the competition “Ebda2 with Google” (Ebda2 means “start” in Arabic). The competition will see hopeful entrepreneurs present technology ventures which can affect the society at large.

It will run for eight months, where the budding entrepreneurs will go through a selection process through an independent jury and will be coached by industry experts, executives, and other established entrepreneurs. The winner will receive 1.2 million EGP (US$200,000) – no strings attached.

Competitors can start submitting their technology business ideas to <a href=” “> right away (they only have a little over a month to do so though). The projects can involve several areas, including cloud computing, e-commerce, mobile applications and the promotion of Arabic content online.

“‘Ebda2 with Google’ couldn’t have come at a better time. The impact will be felt nationwide and will provide hope to many Egyptians seeking to fulfill their dreams,” Mohamed Aboud, business development consultant at SAS said in a press release.

Besides the prize money, contestants will have other benefits, such as training workshops from Google employees from all over the world, besides learning how small and medium size enterprises work.

“This project is Google’s platform to inspire Egyptians to start their own technology businesses, to give them hope in the future, and to ultimately benefit Egypt,” said Wael El-Fakharany, the regional manager at Google Middle East.

You can watch a short introductory clip about the competition below.


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    Ahmed Sawy said:

    What a wonderful initiative! Thanks for letting us know about it.

    I hope young smart egyptians will make big projects for the future of beautiful Egypt.