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Nature Network Journal Club: Curbing cocaine addiction using gene therapy

The next installment of the Nature Network Neuroscience group journal club is now live. The paper discusses a potential therapeutic strategy involving the upregulation of the dopamine receptor D2R that may be beneficial in the treatment of cocaine abuse and addiction.

The contributor discussing this paper for the neuroscience group is Áine Duffy, a postdoctoral fellow at Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York. I want to thank Áine for her participation.


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    cocaine detox said:

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    Amiya said:

    ’Crack’ing the ‘coke’ code seems within sight now. Apart from upregulating the D2R (dope-amine or DOPAmine? receptors), scientists are also on the trail of a vaccine by combining inactivated cocaine with inactivated V. cholerae.